The MicroNuclear and Idaho Energy Inc. team collaborates to cost-effectively design, develop, refine, and commercialize the MsNB in response to our growing energy requirements..

Our MicroNuclear and Idaho Energy Vision

The MsNB is a novel advanced nuclear power system that will provide clean, safe, reliable energy to the world.

The MicroNuclear and Idaho Energy Mission

The MicroNuclear  team continues to cost-effectively develop and refine the MsNB, design producing demonstrated results. Idaho Energy Inc. will  commercialize the MsNB, leading the effort to construct, install, and maintain MsNB operations. 

Who We Are

MicroNuclear LLC and Idaho Energy Inc. Leadership

Paul J. Marotta, PhD, PE, BCEE

CEO and Co-founder of MicroNuclear, LLC

Dr. Marotta is an experienced professional with broad experience in mechanical, nuclear, and environmental engineering. Dr. Marotta has managed multi-functional technical groups as an Operations Manager and Director for an engineering consulting firm. His management experience also includes serving as Manufacturing Manager for an 850-employee packaging facility and Plant Manager for a 150-employee packaging facility. Dr. Marotta also completed the Manufacturing Executive Business Management Course at the University of Michigan. 

Specific to nuclear engineering design, his areas of strength include transient and accident reactor performance analyses, thermal/hydraulics, thermal structural analysis, brittle fracture, and heat transfer. Auxiliary system design experience includes component design such as vessels, pumps, valves and heat exchangers utilizing analysis codes such as Ansys, COMSOL, PATRAN, RELAP5, EES and MATLAB. Initial nuclear design and R&D expertise was developed while at the Department of Energy’s Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) (General Electric).  Dr. Marotta also oversaw emergency safety system construction and testing programs while at the Kesselring nuclear prototype site.  

Richard McPherson

CEO of Idaho Energy, Inc, a subsidiary of MicroNuclear, LLC


Richard McPherson has been involved in nuclear energy since attending Admiral Rickover’s famous Nuclear Power School in 1964. After his 20-year Navy career, Richard was asked, because of the Chernobyl accident, to be the United States Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, on a special six nation group to study “Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities, the Environment and Public Opinion.” Today, his focus is on manufacturing consent and deploying the Molten Salt Nuclear Battery worldwide, thus fulfilling President Eisenhower’s offer to provide American nuclear energy to the world for peace, prosperity and security.

Richard Christensen, PhD, PE

CTO and Co-founder of MicroNuclear, LLC
Served as director of Nuclear Engineering over the last 30 years at both The Ohio State University and University of Idaho. Over 100 publications related to heat exchangers and 11 patents with four more related to MsNB progress. Degrees include a doctorate in nuclear engineering from Stanford University (1974), a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, also from Stanford (1970), and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Brigham Young University (1968).