Concern of a accidental release of radioactive materials remains the primary focus when discussing the implementation of nuclear power. This is where the MsNB can be shown to be a far superior and much safer, alternative to traditional light water reactors.

100% Passive Safety

  • Smaller reactor designs pose smaller risks
  • Natural circulation simplifies design: no pumps or valves to fail
  • Reactor power automatically shuts down as temperature increases
  • System solidifies when below operating temperatures.

Discover how the MicronuclearTech MsNB redefines safety.

Impact on the Environment and Human Populations

How safe is the operation of a MsNB to surrounding populations and those in direct contact at a MicroNuclear facility as workers or neighbors?

Nuclear Waste Disposal

The concern for the disposal of reactor waste is often center stage in discussion of the implementation of nuclear power. The unique characteristics of the Molten Salt Nuclear Battery addresses these concerns and reveals ground breaking advancements.